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Recursed is an entirely text-based, story-focused game that runs in your terminal.  Made for Mini Jam 21, it's just a game about stories, several stories, layered upon one another.

Important Notes:

Windows SmartScreen doesn't like the game because it's an executable that it doesn't recognize. I promise that this game won't do anything harmful to your computer, nor will it steal any of your personal information.

This game features depictions of violence which, while not excessively graphic, may upset some.

"Why doesn't the page have screenshots?" As the game is entirely text-based, any screenshots of the game are spoilers for the game itself. It's all in your terminal, so it's just white text on black.

Install instructions

If Windows SmartScreen pops up saying it doesn't recognize the program, click More Info > Run anyway.


recursed.exe 4 MB

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